Thursday, March 17, 2005

Sound and Fury - Reactivated

Thanks NYPinTA. I almost forgot one of the essentials of life. Music. Today’s CD is Shrek2. A little bit retro. With a tad bit of Rollins band "Hero time." Music was once what I stood for. I had my own article in the school newspaper titled "Sound and Fury" where I would go heads up on my research about Tipper Gore and her Censorship policy’s.
I cannot ask anyone to understand the vacancy of music. Living in Georgia is the eternal pit of the preverbal Hell. You can listen to music. IF you conform to their ways. I’m telling you straight up, I would rather relish in silence then to listen to the day to day barrage of either T.V. background noise or Gossipal or Country.
And to correct the ever famous Country song, you don’t go country you are forced to go country. Lack of options. I’d rather listen to Country then Gossipal. I’d rather listen to Country then "static" (as I so call television background noise). So you don’t go country. That song is just bullshit to disillusion the normal world that there is an alternative out there. It is a "forced alternative"
The other thing I wanted to say is my quote of the day will actually be two quotes.
First, Ben Franklin "The problem with doing nothing is that you don’t know when to stop." And I can testify to that. I have done nothing sense I left NY. I have had no life. And you don’t know when to stop. You don’t know when to stop because you are brainwashed into believing this is the norm. And you actually become accustomed to the sound of silence. You know, I can type faster listening to music? My thoughts are more clear more precise more coherent. Today I am not doing nothing. I am writing. I did 12 pages yesterday on Sam and 15 today working on my plot twist in books two and three. God I need to get published. I’ve written my own trilogy.
Second, UNKNOWN (appeared in the school newspaper once I cut it out and kept it in a scrape book) "Give me all your dreams you dreams, give them all to me, so I make lock them away..." I look at this quote and I stand and shout. No. Dream Keeper. They are my Dreams. Thou Shalt no longer lock them away because I have found the key and I’ve let them out. I now "stand alone" (wink I forget who did that song!) and I am "one" (metallica) and Dream Keeper, you may try to come, you may try to approach and rip my future from me again, but YOU will fail. I hold my Aura in my hands and it is Yellow today. I am shining brighter then any dream you’ve ever stolen. "You will never truly capture me" (Jenn Ganoe - memory of the time I was a mermaid, I think or did it come from untouchable)


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