Friday, March 11, 2005

Just Jenn

Just another Jenn
Chapter 1
For many of us, having been born in the early 70’s, the name is a virtual nightmare. And much more of a nightmare for those of us actually honored with the name. Many grand attempts have been governed at having some identity other then, ‘Oh hey it is one of the Jenn’s’. Jennifer, Jenn, Jen, Jenny, Jena, the risky Jen-Jen, and of course the spelling variations such as Gennifer or Jennster and of course Jennilicous.
Then when all else failed, there were the diction corrections. Jenn with a long N. Jen quick and curt like. At some point in High School we Jenn’s became a congregation of Jenn’s. Meaning, five of us appeared in one fatal English class and the teacher had the ingenious idea that we should be Jenn and the first initial of our last names. Great idea but three of us were Jenn G.’s. So, the end result was addressing us Jenn’s by our last names.
With the exception of one non-Jenn who decided that I needed a variation of the variations and thus called me Newser. A combo of my last name, the animal that sports my last name and the then famous use of exaggeration of names ie: Jennster. I however did not like that name. My mother was a reporter and I felt like the non-Jenn was implying that I was a gossip hound.
And I had to go one further then the abnormal Malay of Jenn’s. A clothing line became popular in the 80’s, any guess of the name? Laughing here. Well your half right. Jennifer Dale was the clothing line. MY first and middle name. Geeze. Now I have to share with some designer to.
Hence. Jenn’s not only have to swim in a sea of people whom are people that are more and more looking like one another every day, but we also have to fight harder for our own identity seeing of course, it appears, or so it seams, (wink) that every other one of the people that are swimming are a Jenn or a variation of a Jenn.
Jenn’s have to fight harder to be noticed. Look at JLo. She dropped the Jenn all together. And Hollywood is a great example here. Look at the flood of actors sporting the name Jennifer. Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Garner... to name a few. It is like welcome to Jenn hell its even in Hollywood.
Oop a new movie coming out, what Jenn will appear in it. (dripping with disdain and sarcasm.)
So, my hat is off to whichever trend sparked the Jennifer naming in the 70’s. If you were an icon and are unknown to me and my generation, you live on through us many Jenn’s.


Blogger LucyDDCF said...

Oh I forgot two (prolly 50) more items pertaining to the Jenn saga. One we also shared our name with the Tommy two tone song, "Jenny I got your number" and the dramatic affect of not only was my mother a Jenn but she sounded like me and would con my friends out of invaluable information on the telephone.

3/12/05, 7:13 AM  
Blogger NYPinTA said...

Hmm.. I can't relate to this at all. ;) LOL.

3/14/05, 12:46 PM  

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