Monday, April 04, 2005

Tired soooo damn tired

Today has been the day. I stayed up late playing on askew. why? I don't fuckin know. I just did. Start to fall into a slumber about midnight and RINNNNNNNNNNG... I curse a few times and answer the phone. A buddie of mine that does skip tracing and he needed to vent. Holding onto my conscious... I listened. Until 2 am. Well ok, I'm going to bed now damnit, I even took a tylenol pm to assure that. Uth huh. Yep. Sure. I had this bizzare (and I was aware I was having it but I just didnt bother to stop myself from having it kind of dream) dream of Ben Affleck trying out of a sceene in my book Sam. The one where the ice maker goes bizerk. Well I laid there over and over and watched him fall on his ass on the ice. Look at the clock. 4am. Grumble some more. Get up, go potty, drink some water. Don't drink a bottle of water at 4am on an empty stomache. Got in bed got all comphy and I had to pee again. LOVELY. Take care of that. Get in bed. Dogs bark. I let them out to go pee, standing there in my nighty in the coool night air... dogs come in ... I go pee again. (not a very happy camper at this point.) Snuggle back in my bed... ahhh it is sooo comphie... start to drift... unAffleckated... and my uncle comes in at 6am and asks me to drive him to his truck. Why oh why oh why MEEEEEE.
Ok I can handle this. Right. wrong. I have an appt for HR block and with Direct TV (hence the pic's of the direct tv tech's hard at work) So, Aunt does the tax shit, I do the stuff with my kid, direct tv shows up they do thier shit and then I take my fat ass outside and saddle up one of the horses so the direct tv guys can just ride up and down the driveway. It was cool. I ran the drive way a couple times. Add insult to injury. I am not only tired, and my muscles are not only sore and stiff, but I think my fat is stiff to. Is that possible? LMFAO... Hope someone had a better day then me!


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