Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The Rake

I am sure I have reached my blog limit for the day but here is one more.
You know how in the Tom and Jerry cartoons they always show someone stepping on a tiller or potatoe rake and it comes up and bop's them in the face? Well you can do the same thing with a regular lawn/leaf rake. Casually walking across the yard about ten feet away from my daughter and she is walking towards me. I see the rake. I didn't think the tines were strong enough or long enough, but... WACK... she stepped on it and it flung up and popped her smack in the middle of her forehead. As quick as you can snap your finger. I stop and stare mouth agap in stunned silence as she falls on her butt. She blinks. A few times. Then burst out laughing and says, "Well, I guess I'm Tom now." I ask tom who and she explains to me tom from tom and jerry cartoons. I about died laughing.


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