Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Plauge CC 2000 JDG

Part 1
the true test of life
is to ride your sanity to the end
and make it back
like being the soul survivor
of the plague
I am no longer vying for you touch
no longer am I
the tragic hero
caught up in your play
I have thought outside the brain
I am disconnected from you
I have thought outside the brain
and connected with myself
Part 2
I had to qualify my lack of love
you wanted to know
then you dismissed it
as disappointment
You we forced to see yourself
through my eyes of three years
and you didn’t like it
but you felt it
My energy comes from love
you resent that
so you stomped it out
to crush me
Punish me for loving you
like you torture anyone
who gets in
who makes you feel
and it worked
for awhile
and now I've recovered from your plague
and I'm back
my smile is not for you
my lips are my own
and you don’t like it
too bad


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