Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Future Lives

Writen I think when I lived on the Hudson River in New Baltimore, it is on green paper and type-written (I used green paper when we lived down there) oh this is being typed as it is on the paper, no spell check

Jenn G- Promotional advitizor for all my friends and enemy's
Grace-Top notch writer, anything!!!
Jenn C- 1-900 sex tharipist and or doctor
Jenn K - Actress in/on the big screen
Jen Gilespie - professional whore
Kat - partner with gilespie
Mary P- Rich with Jimm's money at the divorce
T.Arm-Computer scientist
Jenn B- teacher or a house wife
karen G- sucker to mike N's deception
Mike N- Caught in an unhappy marriage to Karen, has affairs on the side. he is also a coorperaite spy for marriot, prentending to be a manager. notice i said pretending!!!!
HFSIV-re-enlisted, lost his lisence chasing after tim cummings. marriage to grace. Nuclear enginere, spy to russia and saudia arabia
Rapph M- world wide hero who brings peace wherever he goes. actually rapph will become a sexually deprived artist who will commit sucide at the peek of his career and he leaves all of his monies present and to come to his cheifce advisor and director (ME)
Gus- printer and on the side he will be a basement rappest
Wild Bill - garage bang junkie (think thats suppose to be band) and a lousy artist on the side, also still lousy in bed! :O I did BillB... LOL.. shhhhh
Mike H - Proffesional house-husband and sucker. On the side he will sell warm pepsi he stole from work
Dan p- Proffessional male slut and 1-900 operator in cahoots with gilespe and kat
Lok-Shirak (thor) Brain P- prof abstract painter and living in the rocky mts. in a cabin he built (rather poorly) by himself
Brian F - a career military man and male stripper on the side and a very good one at that (yes at one point he stripped for me!)
Mike T- also a career miliatary man who owns the club finch dances in
Darrin Bell- dead. car crash. need I say more


Blogger Henry said...

Good thing that didnt come true huh? Marriage to Grace? Man that would be torture! Ha!! SOme of those are pretty entertaining

4/7/05, 6:11 AM  
Blogger NYPinTA said...


4/7/05, 11:37 AM  
Blogger NYPinTA said...

BTW- last I heard from Darrin Bell, he was married and had a few kids.

4/7/05, 10:46 PM  

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