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Baby Wipe Recipe

wipe sized container that seals.
soft paper towels we use Viva by Kleenex
Organic (really your choice, recommend Aveeno) baby wash
Organic (again your choice regular or organic) baby oil. I like to use sunflower oil because it is natural. Baby oil is scented Mineral oil which is a petroleum by product. Again your choice of oil but you want something lite. Jojoba oil is also a good choice.
Rosemary essential oil

With a carpet knife or good kitchen knife cut the paper towel roll in half. If you can work then center roll out that makes the wipes easier to use. I use the paper towels that have 3 sizes per sheet and tear each individual one.

I use 1/4 cup of oil and lotion. mix together in a bowl with 20 drops of Rosemary essential oil. The Rosemary oil will cut down on bacteria growth without having to use a preservative. The recipe calls for equal parts of water (boil and stir into the mixture) but I have a hard time mixing oil with water so I lightly spritz the paper towels so they are barely damp.

now put 1/4 lotion solution in the bottom of the container. put half the paper towels in. put 1/2 the lotion solution in the center. top with remaining paper towels and top with remaining lotion solution.

CLOSE box. Turn upside down. every ten minutes flip the box to other side until wipes are saturated all the way through.

This product will go bad after about a month because it contains no chemicals so don't make it until you are ready to use it. Babies like warm wipes. DO NOT put a wipe warmer on this concoction because it will encourage it to go bad sooner. You CAN hold the wipes in your warm mommy hands for a few seconds before use to take the chill off.

Diaper Cream
This takes 2 weeks to make but you make 8 4oz jars!
2 cups calendula flower
1 cup comfrey leaf
1 cup chamomile flower
1 cup lavender flower
4 cups of oil ... olive, grapeseed, or sweet almond work the best

Place the Herbs and oil in a glass jar. Cover tightly with a lid. Place in a warm sunny place (like a picture window for 2 weeks.

set up a double boiler (after the 2 weeks have passed... it is OK if it goes longer than 2 weeks!)
Using a strainer lined with cheesecloth, strain the oil mixture into the double boiler. (gently wrap the cheese cloth around the herbs and squeeze as much oil out as you can.) heat on low setting for 20-45 minutes. If you see "floaters" that escaped the first strainer, when mixture is cooled to room temp, strain it again!

Back in the double boiler warm mixture to 150 degrees and add 1/4 cup of beeswax for each cup of oil. Stir occasionally to make sure beeswax is melting. Either buy beeswax pellets or grate it off of a block. I put in the ratio to the oil in case you need to scale back the recipe to make a smaller amount.

Once the beeswax is melted take a tablespoon and dip it so there is a small amount pooled in the spoon and place on a paper towel in the freezer for about 5 minutes. pull out and check it. If the consistency feels too thick add more oil an ounce at a time. If the mixture seems to thin add more beeswax.

When you get the consistency you want add a tablespoon of Rosemary Essential oil or Orris root (root of white iris dried ground and grated) IF you have a special scent you want for your ointment now is the time to add the essential oil or scent. You will need about a tablespoon for entire mixture but start with a dropper full and stir, then smell... add it to your sense of smell. let the mixture cool. beat it every 10 minutes with a wire whisk to prevent separation. When at room temp pour into your 4 ounce containers. Refrigerate unopened containers or give to friends with babies.

Once again, this is a natural/organic product. IT WILL GO bad within a month. If the mixture turns color or starts to smell different, toss it.

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