Friday, March 25, 2011

Special Notes on Products Listed

The products have no added preservatives other than Vitamin E and in some there will be Iris Root powder. This means the shelf life is one month at room temperature and up to 6 months if kept in the refrigerator. This applies to all personal hygiene products.

Listy List of the Awesomeness to come: (44 products so this is only partial and what we are working on... erm... what I am working on...)

After Shave for Men..... oooooohhhh ahhhhhh! So, SOFT!

Rub on (tube the size-ish of a glue stick) Shaving Bump soother. You KNOW what area's THAT is for. But natural scent of the butters so, MEN can use it on their nasty shaving burns!

Mouthwash... I might just post that recipe. I like it. But not sure if I want to fool with packaging and selling.

Both Lye and Non-Lye soaps in many shapes, colors, sizes, and purposes.
Liquid soap (MAYBE) that can be used for liquid hand soap and dish washing (in the sink) soap.
Loofah Bar soap. I used to make these and couldn't keep them in stock. They are pretty and exfoliating at the same time!
Grime remover soap for men.
Pretty grime remover soap for us girly girls... will be the Lychee scent and pinkish purple. Hey... I don't wanna smell like no dang man! Great for the girls that garden or just get dirty! ALSO works great to get crayon off the wall!

Soaps have long been a pet project of mine. I just don't like store bought stuff. They look cute in the guest bathroom and they give your guests a reason to "lift" a keep sake from a party! Meh. No.... you never did that.... your way to cool. RIGHT.

Lotion wipes. Because I care. They are so nice for the quick refresh. ESP if you get sweaty palms and can smell the salt. MY personal pet peeve. I don't like smelling nervous and hate it more when someone touches me and smells like they are. I keep a few in a zip lock bag in my purse at all times. Yes they are a LOT like a baby wipe but they do not have the "alcohol" in them.

Black Salve. Yep. Stinky but works! Me and my awesomeness. Will be sold in 2 ounce jars. A LITTLE goes a LONG way. Most stores sell tubes that are like 1/2 an ounce and this stuff has a shelf life of 2 years because of the activated charcoal.

All sorts of Salves.

Emu Oil.

All sorts of essential oils (some are brewing now).

Maybe Pure Vanilla Extract. I need to look into the local and federal law on selling a food item.

Recipe book (the how to for your entertainment purpose. Mind you... the first few batches...eth..don't always work out. Persistence makes perfect).

and much much more! When I am ready to start selling, I will have a secure dotcom address and you will be able to pay through a secure bank server or paypal.

NOTE ON SHIPPING- to reduce shipping and handling cost... your products will come in recycled boxes. Sorry, I see NO NEED to add to our carbon footprints by buying fancy product specif boxes with my cute logo on it.

NOTE on pricing - yes. Products may seem high. BUT. They are concentrated. I can add 80% water to them and sell them .... I'd rather not. Use less.

NOTE on product containers - Products will be packaged in new containers and not the ones listed here. Lotions will be in plastic containers. In a pinch between orders of packaging I might purchase "Mason Jars" and use them. If your product comes in a MASON JAR and you wish to help reduce our carbon footprint, I will offer fifty cents off your next product if you return the Mason Jar for me to clean and sanitized and reuse for your product order. Yeah, because I will have to make a fresh batch for this... the shipping and receiving of your product will depend on when you get the jar to me! Keep the lid or recycle as they don't hold up more than a time or two. Or wash and sanitize your own jar and I can send product in some sort of a bladder bag. I need to see what is out there. Maybe freezer bags. I don't know for sure yet.

Little one wants to practice her cute little pink learning thing on the computer so I got to go. Pictured below.... her number 2... isn't learning awesome!


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