Friday, March 25, 2011


Bath Salts - Natural combination of sea salt and Epsom salt with citrus scent and non-toxic coloring. Not to worry, these won't get you high if you smoke them (re:Bath Salts getting pulled because of Psychedelic affect) but they will give you a spa like bath that leaves your skin naturally conditioned!

What is Lotion Butter and WHY do I need it? Lotion Butter is a concentrated lotion with corn starch. You need it because traditional powder is TOXIC and Talc has been proven to cause cancer. The lotion butter goes on slick like lotion and melts into your skin from your body temperature but it dries like a powder. Great for "crevices" like where your legs meet your torso and where "chubby rolls" rub. Oh yea... and it smells GREAT.

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