Friday, March 25, 2011


Uth no... I'd rather not sweat!
Really? You want breast cancer too? The stuff in Antiperspirants has been linked to 8% of breast cancer diagnosis. Higher in women that have Breast Cancer running in their families. The plan here is not to make a profit but to protect you. All proceeds will be donated to the Susan G. Koman Foundation .
**warnings and notes**
When you first switch from Antiperspirant to a natural Deodorant please keep in mind that your body will need to detox. You are after all applying this to an area where there is a lymph node. What has happened to me was not pretty! First: Ewww YUCK... you sweat. Nasty... OMG I just ran a marathon sweat. It is thick and stinky and just gross. Second: You break out. Yep. Looks like you have some weird contagious disease. (Tip... Buy my lotion butter... it helps ease this step. Apply generously!) Third: because it is sensitive and your body is detoxing it burns when it breaks out.

It took me 2 weeks to detox. Now... I hardly sweat at all and when I get warm the smell of the deodorant is
great and relaxing. Having a "Hot Day"... really simple. GO TO the bathroom... wet a paper towel or take a lotion wipe or baby wipe... pat don't rub... the area clean and dry (bacteria causes odor) and apply another pea size amount to the crease of your arm pit. Really that is the only place you actually sweat. No need to do the long pit strokes because the commercials tell you too! That is waste! SIX weeks into it I have only used about a third of a 4 ounce jar. And I do HOT things.

Please excuse the misspelling on product. I had Mandy helping me and well... she is 12 and can spell Tiger Blood and Winning.... LOL.... but the technical things are difficult at times.



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