Saturday, May 08, 2010

Thank You America

Song of the day: "War Pigs" Black Sabbath

Quote of the day: "I am always doing that which I can not do, in order that I may learn how to do it" Pablo Picasso (1881-1973)


There are a few things I have to say. I am sure that does not surprise my readers. Those of you that stumble upon this might be shocked by a few things I have to say. Well, I am going to be quite blunt.

Fuck off America. You gave to Haiti, you gave to Hurricane Katrina, you adopt your babies from China, but you neglect to acknowledge the devastation of a 500 year flood. We are a level 6 disaster. The second worse disaster next to Katrina in the last 50 years.

Let me tell you this. Our little state is more UNITED than the entire United States of America. Neighbors helping Neighbors. Strangers helping strangers. Hands on Nashville had 4,000 people show up to volunteer the first week. The first week they had 14,500 volunteer man hours vested in cleaning up at ground zero. This does not count the man hours not logged.

On Saturday May 1 2010 the forecast was for 3-4 INCHES of rain, severe thunderstorms, and tornado watches. I was very apprehensive because Doc had to work and I in general do not do well in inclement weather.

On Sunday May 2 2010 the reality of imminent doom started to wane when local flash flooding was coming in waves and motorist were trapped on interstate and downtown started to flood. Around 11pm we lost power and thus lost contact with the outside world. We had no idea it was so bad.

A neighbor sent us a txt message that school was going to be closed on Monday. She also sent us a message that the water department was shutting off water and to draw some.

On Monday, May 3 2010, we had no power and no way to cook food. We made the snap decision to run to the store and get sandwich food and ice for the cooler. What we saw was unbelievable.

First was the shell shocked visions of mass amounts of running water. In the creeks. We saw small groups of people coming out in the rain and surveying their damage. We got our food and hunny stopped at Dunkin Donuts so I could have a coffee. All the stores in Goodlettsville had signs up "Closed due to Flood" written on any paper in different pens and water logged taped to the intercoms. But not DD. Thank God for that. I was in desperate need of coffee.

I spent Monday Night on the Cell phone calling people and letting them know we are OK. See we are Uphill from Nashville. If it was this bad here, what was it like there. I charged cell in car.

On Tuesday May 4th Doc got home really late. All access roads to the plant were blocked. They left via the rail road access road in a 4x4. Tuesday I had to take him to work. What I saw will haunt me for a long time. Ok what I kinda saw, I was driving and had the whole family in the car.

Inside the car were echos of OMG OMG from the back seat. When we crossed the bridge over Dickerson Pike, "Daddy E... is that a roof?" Admittedly I goose necked to see... IT was the roof of a gas station canopy. Next to it was a building with tractor trailers hooked up to be loaded. The water covered everything and the rig part of the trucks were waving back and forth and floating. Near the gas station the street lights were still lit and hovering inches above the water. It was eerie. And that is the only word to describe it. Eerie.

After we exited the interstate we made several turn around's (me not being familiar with the area was really relying on my memory to get back out of there and to get it right the first time) and Dropped E off at work. We did make it back to highway on first try, yea me! Going back home it was easier to get a look because there was no traffic. On the bridge water was lapping at the shoulder and there was a lake between west and east bound traffic. You could smell the tell tale smell of rotten eggs as you went past the natural gas utility building (that really scared me) and we saw the metro link under water. We saw school buses under water.

Let me back up a second. "E" works at the only water plant still working. His was in danger of flooding but had not flooded yet.

The closer we got to Goodlettsville, the drier it was. I felt a tremendous relief seeing road I knew were dry. What I was not prepared for happened when I turned off of Madison Creek Rd and on to Patton Branch road. It brought tears to my eyes.

The victems were cleaning up their yards. In front of each area being cleaned were 5-6 cars just randomly pulled over. People dragging rakes and shovels out of their trunks. Walking to help. And you could tell it was random acts of kindness because of the way people were dressed and they way they were parked and the way they walked and approached the ones working.

That is how the week went here. People helping people. The power came back on on Monday evening. We got a good look at the news. I called our mom's. I appologized for being short with them. (we had been talking at least 3 times a day) and informed them I saw what they were seeing. Yes. Panic is a good word for a mom! LOL. I'd have panic'd too if I saw that by either of their homes!

Tuesday school was cancled again. We spent time cleaning sticks out of the yard and watching TV. I just let the kids watch what they wanted on both TV's when they wanted.

I just really wanted to tell America to piss off. You guys went out of your way to help people in other countries during natural disasters but have done nothing to help us, your fellow countrymen, people in YOUR back yard. BUT we the people of Tennessee have taken care of that and have helped each other. I hope you can learn from that.

For more Info on the FLOOD, please goto

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