Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I would like to see shawls come back into fashion. A woman at the church had one on on Sunday and it looked so nice. (the blog link is not her blog, just one I came across,)


Blogger Graham I. Haynes said...

Hi Dr Jenn.

Who said shawls are out?

I say, "Rock it, girl!"

Just make sure it's a funky pattern ;)


11/11/09, 1:13 AM  
Blogger Dr Jenn said...

Thanks GiH

11/11/09, 10:10 PM  
Blogger Rob said...

Dede was uncharacteristically smitten with a snazzy gray wool shawl a couple of years ago.

I mean, she just fell completely in love with it at first sight in the store - and this from woman who hates shopping! But her practical side kicked in and she put it back on the rack. I had to all but thrash her to make her buy it!

So, she grudgingly buys the shawl and it looks great! But she rarely has the courage to wear the silly thing because she hasn't seen anyone else wearing shawls. Arrgh! But with cool Fall weather finally blowing in on us this week, I'm going to try to get her to pull it outta the closet and rock that dang thing. Maybe she'll kick off this year's hot new trend...

11/16/09, 3:25 AM  
Blogger Kathleen said...

Actually, Jane Goodall was on Jon Stewart the other day and she came out wearing a shawl and I was thinking how smart she looked. I have been meaning to knit myself a shawl for ages...the problem is that I never knit for myself. *sigh*

Speaking of crafts, your rosary isn't forgotten, I just haven't felt like doing anything that tedious. I have one more to finish for the man and church and then yours.

11/18/09, 10:48 AM  

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