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At 11:51am Little Maddox passed into Heaven on October 16, 2009.

And I have a problem with a three month old baby dying. Yes I do. Welcome to my soapbox of guilt.

I don't blame myself for the Death of Maddox. But I do feel guilty for hearing about it. Here is why. A few months ago I had a falling out with Sue Anne Clark. She runs Rugratt Resort (where Maddox got hurt). Rugratt Resort is also the place where Lulu stayed while I went to East Georgia College.

When it came to my attention that Lucy was being allowed to sleep excessivly at her daycare I pulled Lucy from the daycare and asked Sue Anne to refund me around $500 because I had paid her the entire semester in advance. She refused and I took her to court. The judge ruled that he could not rule because he was related to Sue Anne by marriage and I could appeal. At this point I decided not to appeal (with the advise of Doc) because I was in the middle of the move and it would just be a pain in the neck to keep all the documents at hand... and well... I just let it go. But I did tell Sue Anne at the court house, "What comes around goes around, and one day you will get yours, I just hope I am around to hear about it." THAT is where the guilt comes in. I wish I didn't hear about "IT".

I got a text from my girlfriend Jen a week ago asking me to pray for Maddox and this picture of him in ICU. Vaguely I recognized the last name but was not sure from where. I said a prayer and well, forgot about it.

I am told what happened is story 1:
That Maddox was laid on a bed and he had apparently rolled off it and was put there by Sue Anne and when she came back she found him dead on the floor, they were able to resistate him and call 911. Wait, they do have cribbs, they do have floor mat's... why was he laid on the bed?

Story 2: Lynn laid him on the bed (and the same story).

Story 3 (by a close friend of the family) that Lynn laid him on the bed (same story) but Sue Anne was going to take the fall for it because Lynn has a new baby herself with Sue Anne's son and she is young and it was a mistake.

Story 4 - there was an investigation due to the brain-stem injury that was present in the baby and the parents were not pressing charges.

If story 3 is true I don't agree with it. I don't like Lynn much. She got fired from Rugratt's twice. First time was for striking another employee (while she was pregnant) and the second was for not showing up on a regular basis. When she was there she was very nice and very clean. Some of the kids liked her and some of them didn't. Lucy liked her. She was like Jessica and held Lucy all the time. Which was not a convince for me because at home that meant that Lucy wanted to be held all the time. I love my kids. At that time when I got home I had time to get the kids a bath, feed them (cook for them), be on hand to help Mandy with homework if needed, and read a bedtime story and bed. I did not have the time or the energy to hold Lucy and do all these tasks. I did yell at Lynn for holding Lulu all the time. She yelled back at me that she was so cute she couldn't resist. I told her to try to resist! Let her have her independence, besides your preg and it is not good for YOU to hold a 18 lb heifer all day! I yelled nicely then spoke to Sue Anne. I told her about what I just said here.

But I don't agree with Sue Anne taking the fall for Lynn because IF she was truly negligent with Maddox what is going to stop her from doing it to another child or her own?

My problem with story 1) - I have know the Clark's for almost two years. They have been in the baby business for close to 40 years. They have had problems, broken legs, broken arms (all playground related, yes I researched them), and a few minor cuts and bruises... BUT... no negligence. Which was why I had went with them and not one of the other dozen or so daycare's in Swainsboro. This was a Christian Day Care. I think if Mr. Billy was into child molestation... it would have come out LONG before 2008. I have never known them to lie any child on a bed. Now, Lucy and Ava did sleep on Sue Anne's bed when she down sized to the house from the big day care (when all of her damn kids moved in and ruined her life and yes I will defend her! She has a big heart, she moved them in and let her business go. Family first.) Now, with Lucy and Ava, they slept on the big bed, there were special mesh rails that were put up and a mountain of pillows on the floor. She would put them asleep on the floor and come in and they would both be on the bed. SO SHE TOOK Precautions. How is the saying, if you can't beat them, join them? Yea, OK.

Story 4 is the one that scares me. If this is actually SBS (Shaken Baby Syndrome) then where did it happen? Did Lynn do this? Did Sue Anne snap from all the pressure on her and do it? DID THIS HAPPEN AT HOME and the baby was laid on the bed and Lynn went to get Sue Anne and ask for help because there was something not right? I want to believe the later. Did the baby ever fall on the floor at all but maybe was dead when Sue Anne got in there and because she is a nurse she performed life saving maneuvers and saved his life? I don't have the entire story and like I said there are several versions of the story.

In my heart I want to believe that despite me being mad at Sue Anne over money that she would not allow something like this to happen in her care. She did after all take care of my child. In my heart I want to believe that Maddox will have justice.

In all three stories it is also said that Sue Anne was operating without a license from the state. The reasons for her loosing her license range from it was not renewed due to cost, she lost it due to over crowding, and that her husband molested a little girl in 2008. I would like to believe that it is one of the first two reasons.

I ask that you say a prayer for Maddox and for the truth. I pray that the right person is prosecuted for his death.

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Blogger Jan Mader said...

I'm almost speechless. I will say a prayer for Maddox and the entire situation.

It's hard to know which story to believe...the end result is that Maddox is dead.

What does matter now is that it never happen again. Someone has to take responsibility. Someone is at fault. Babies should not die like this!

Please keep me posted. I want to know. Jan

10/21/09, 7:42 PM  
Blogger dr sardonicus said...

Here's a very interesting post on the general subject I came across yesterday. I've only had time to scratch the surface, as following all the links could take weeks, but there's a lot of material on child abuse included here. Alice Miller's blog, which is one Arthur Silber links to, looks interesting.

My condolences to the Kersey family.

10/22/09, 11:17 AM  
Blogger Dr Jenn said...

Thanks Doc

Jan - I will most likely not hear more about this case due to my location. The one person involved that is close to the Clark family is set to be deployed to Afghanistan soon and the other person only spews gossip and not all fact. You can check the Augusta Ga paper online or the Statesboro Ga Paper online to see if they update but I don't have the links.

It is a very sad case and I think someone should be accountable for the death of a 3 month old baby. What alarms me is that they were also saying there was an indication of SBS and if that is proven in autopsy then SOMEONE needs to buck up and say they murdered a baby. End of Story. Of the three people involved (Sue Anne, Lynn, Jennifer) I would say Lynn would be the most likely to have done this. Why else would Sue Anne be trying to protect her?

With Lulu's recent reaction to going back to daycare, I honestly wonder if they didn't do something to her. Which means I should follow the case. Which also means I am scared of the outcome. However this post is not about me and my fears, it is about the Kersey family.

I am saddened by the baby's death and my prayers go out to his family.

10/22/09, 12:13 PM  
Blogger Renie Burghardt said...

I'm speechless as well! So very sad. My condolances and prayers for Maddox and his family.

10/22/09, 7:17 PM  

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