Sunday, October 18, 2009

football UGA @ Vandy

we went to Vandy to see the football game
But I had a case of ADD with the zoom lens and found these young ladies in the student body... do they look cold... GOOD because it was fricken FREEZING...
I wasn't expecting the SEA of UGA fans
i did expect these Jawja fans however
Oh wait... we were there for the ball game... this one is in the 3rd qtr and about when Vandy began to show they are there to get MD's and not NFL
and when they lost it so did Lulu. She started to complain and throw her typical fits but we stayed it out. When we were leaving she was screaming and a security guard looked at me and I informed him, "Oh it's nothing, she is a Vandy Fan." ;-)

Other non football pic's I managed to catch the day after the game....
Lulu bugging Doc
Mandy unpacking her girlscout uniform


Blogger Train Wreck said...

Oh I love that Picture of Doc being bugged! So sweet. How the heck are you? Gllad to be back, I missed everyone;)

10/20/09, 11:25 AM  

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