Sunday, August 02, 2009

Random Memory

Song of the day: "Time of my Life" Dirty Dancing sound track

Quote of the day: "Men get Gay, Happy Happy, Gay. Women, on the other hand, get this Eustachian Darwinian word, Lesbian; sounds like a weird tree frog or something." Henry Rollins (2-13-61 - present)

I have been spending time on Facebook, all of my regular readers know that. Ha. My absence explained. Let us back up a second. It was required to have a facebook account by a class I took online. When I graduated from EGC I went into facebook with the intent to close the account. Two things happened. I saw some old friends that had requested to be my online friend and I had an invite to Mafia Wars.

The old friends I added a few as a curiosity but i only left a small note here or there as I didn't want to be a pest. You know, Jenn rears her head and hasn't spoke to anyone (except NYPINTA) for 20 years and poof wants back in our life. Not true. The reality is that when Jenn left NY she was hurt, mad, and full of all that angry stuff. I had absolutely no intention of ever being a part of that life again.

Backing up a bit, I didn't talk to many people after HS except NYPINTA.

Fast forward a tiny bit and I did not speak to my mom, or my friends, et al from March 1999 to May of this year. OK. See, I was mad!

Back to the present. I was curious, it is after all a part of human nature, and spoke to a few.

So, one of the old gaming buds had sent me a request to join his mafia, WHAT? LOL. Ok, so I hesitated but joined and ignored the other requests, I mean, why would I want to join someones mafia I didn't know? I will explain that later or another day, which ever I get to first.

Then more High School friends started to add me and more and lots of people I didn't know. At first I was like, OK, maybe my old social network was a little bit bigger then I remember but damned if I know these names! HONEST. Some 1200 friends later... the Eureka moment.... oh doah! LOL.

Yesterday, I peered through my list and found names that I knew and peeked at their profile pictures and what have you. A little later I got on IM with an old friend and then this moved to the phone. I got engaged in conversation with an old gal pal of mine, Tina. Lost track of the entire day.

That was really neat. I didn't know how big of a part of my life I had missed out on. I missed out on my friends growing up and facing very similar problems that I have had. I missed my friends growing families and experience and their lives. I missed their lives. I missed seeing Jen B get married. She looked beautiful, I saw the pictures. I missed Tina's first baby and first divorce. I missed the nut job Gena interfering with and ruining the lives of some good people. I missed joy, sadness, and the bond of life.

It was after I spoke to Tina that I viewed her pictures (other then the profile picture where OMG she looks fantastic) and I came across Jen B's wedding photos. At first, I just pulled the album open to see more pictures of Tina and see if I recognized anyone in the photos. Did I expect it to be JEN B's wedding? NO. Flipping through the photos I decided to open one of the bride and groom. No telling there as I was friends with about a billion Jen's in HS. LOL. It was the plague of RCS. Jen's. And worse then that, we were in the same classes and ran in the same social circles. So, I clicked on the bride to see if I recognized what damn Jen it was.

This was when it all hit me and I misted up. No. Wait. I ran to the bathroom and bawled my eyes out. It was my favorite Jen. My best Jen friend. When we lived in Oakbrook my best friends were Jen B, Tommy P, Tina L, and NYPINTA. There were many others but those 4 knew the in's and out's of every tragic second of my life.

I did a few chores (keeping the tissues close by) and kept thinking of Jen. WOW. Seeing her threw me for a major loop. There were so many things that happened. There was the Ernie Maurer incident. LOL. Tina you can ask Jen of midnight lesbo activities. LOL. She will deny it. There was the bug out incident where we took her brother to McDonalds and he threw a fit because Jen took a sip of her drink (he was germaphobic) (and hence I got a child like him, prolly because I had the nerve to laugh then). Then there was the day I got invited to her mom's.

So, onto the random memory. LOL. I blame Jen B for this. The time I got invited to spend the night with her at her Mothers. First we had to access her driveway from the road department. We walked up a long driveway (uphill about a mile or so it seemed) and cross a creek, and then we got to her mom's. A large log cabin. This home had no power and no running water. It was quiet and boring and we could only go potty if and only if we went and drew water to flush. It was much like camping, lol, but in a cool way. I was never invited up there again but I never forgot being there either. It introduced me to a life of seclusion.

It had introduced me to a person (her mother) who didn't want to be bothered by life the universe or anything. I really liked her mom and yea, did I get my idea to disappear from her... somewhere deep in my mind I think I did.


Anonymous Tina said...

I love you Jen, you have been missed, I have/had always wondered what became of you after highschool, and I am soooo glad we finally got to reconnect... finally... it made my year to be able to speak to you again, I do hope this is the beginning of another chapter of our lives, together, even if it is through facebook and phone calls, we'd better... cause you've been sorely missed by many... when I told our "gals" that we spoke, they thought that it was awesome to have been able to reconnect with you, we will always always be friends no matter what the distance of time & geaography there is between us... and... I'm sorry if it made you cry, but at least I feel better knowing I wasn't the only one... lol, I had went through a roll of tp after we talked, and thinking back to the times we'd shared together growing up... I am so glad we were/are a part of each others lives...
{{{BIG-ass hugzzz}}}


8/3/09, 11:02 AM  

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