Monday, August 31, 2009

Day One... trials

Not a happy camper. Details later. Walked a$$ off to get to class, only to find out it was on the fourth floor. Elevator was out. Walked up 8 flights of stairs. Refilled water bottle. Sat in class less then ten minutes and instructor notified today was field experience. Go to the court yard and observe other students. Write down observations for 40 minutes and then return to class. So, walk down 8 flights of stairs and out to court yard, find spot to sit in shade, do assignment. Realize that college students are stupid. I was at the clock tower. I have a pic for you but ... Oh wait... I know... that will come in a few minutes. OK, so students will actually stop and wait to walk through the clock tower instead of taking two steps around it.

Picture is trapped on cell phone. I returned to class (huffing now because my legs have already had a really good workout this week, ask Doc! And I have been suffering from leg cramps.) and I sit there in agony because my legs hurt. Oh yea, refilled water bottle before I went back to class. We compare notes for a few minutes, he lectures, we re-compare notes, he lectures... and gives us a pretest. We go over the test and then we get to take a break. For which I text Doc that we are taking another break. He laughs at me and says I might not get out of there tonight. Thanks.

Class runs until about 8pm and he lets us go. I pulled my phone out to text Doc back. It vibrates in my hand, I look at it, it is the text that Doc had sent me (I think) and I walked into the hand rail and dropped my Blackberry. CAN YOU BELIEVE that? It broke into a few pieces. I was able to put a few things back together. I can't scroll or do anything that I got the unit for ... but i was able to call Doc and inform him that I am a klutz. LOL. He was very good about it.

Doc kept me company on the walk to the car. On the spooky walk to the car. Which is why I decided to try to dial his number directly. It is a residential street. Not lit well. OK, on the side the side walk is on it is not lit well. The area under construction (which they were still working on at 8pm) was lit up like a roman candle. The other bright area was the parking lot. Doc stayed with me until I got into the car. Isn't he a sweetie?

Got another Charlie Horse driving through town. The jack off ahead of me did a panic stop and I clutched and hit the break. On the extension the CH hit me. I thought I was gonna die. LOL. I chose to swerve around mr igiot (there was nothing there to stop over) and use a few bad words.

Did I mention that I filled the water bottle a 4th time before I left?

I get home and pick kids up from next door. Neighbor tells me how bad Lulu was. I feel horrible about that. I will do that post another time. Get home, no porch light on had to leave headlights on to get inside. Then go back out and shut headlights off.

Took long hot shower. Going to bed. Considering a beer but that is too far away and I am not walking that far and I am not sure I have enough energy to open it. LOL.


Blogger MAX said...

Hey there Jen
I found your blog on Jan Mader's site and yeah - decided to visit.
I really enjoyed your little piece today and it prompted me to scroll back further. You have a refreshing style of writing. Thank you for sharing your stories!
Take care and visit us if you like...I have two blogs:

It was fun visiting!
Lots of licks

9/1/09, 3:45 AM  
Blogger Kelly said...

Sound like a bad day. You should have came to GSU with me and made eric move down here. Hope your legs get better.

9/1/09, 4:54 PM  
Blogger fermicat said...

You're still getting those cramps? Some more potassium may help. Do you like bananas?

9/1/09, 7:21 PM  
Blogger Dr Jenn said...

Maxdog and mom, thanks for stopping by and please come and visit again. Jan is a great woman.

Kelly - Oh no. You should so grab Michael and move up here. WE WOULD BE IN THE SAME building. I am gonna take a picture of it to proove it. IT IS THE EDUCATION and PSYCHOLOGY building. tee Hee Hee. Until Jan 2011 then Psych gets a brand new building.

Fermi - Well walking a bazillion miles (1/4 a mile realistically) and then hitting 4 flights of stairs (84 steps and 4 landings) is not helping (after sitting on my ass all summer and basically doing bare minimum house cleaning)... are all contributing to the cramps. Other factors would be low potassium (I hate bananas but eat them when this happens) or hCG + but a(too early in month to tell) b(if we were gonna do that I think it would have happened before now)

I vote for over exerted tired old muscles. I took a potassium pill today and have not had a full blown CH but I know they are there!

9/1/09, 9:25 PM  

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